Field Services

Motion Amplification Monitoring

Motion Amplification provides users with a non-contact means of checking machinery and equipment for potential issues before they become widespread.


These services reduce excessive wear and allows for proper electric current transfer.

Sheave Regrooving

Accurate regrooving extends the lives of elevator ropes and cables.

On-Site Machining

For clients with malfunctioning equipment that is too large to transport, we'll bring our on-site machining capabilities to you.

Modernization Survey

We can determine your ideal equipment choice depending on the system's performance, efficiency and safety needs.

In-Field Rewinding

Rewinding services include evaluation of AC and DC components, new coil and insulation manufacturing, component installation and more.

Brush Survey

Our brush surveys identify and correct motor problems before they become more severe.

Al Masria For Motors Rewinding

10th of Ramadan,
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